Chike C Nwoffiah – Founder of Silicon Valley African Film Festival

It was an absolute pleasure interviewing the founder of Silicon Valley’s African  Film Festival Chike C Nwoffiah.

Living in the California Bay Area and having worked as a managing hostess at an African restaurant ‘The Ostrich’ in the Dutch city Utrecht, it was likely written in the stars that I would get in contact with Chike.  My personal view of Africa was for a large part shaped by the owner of the restaurant Lucy, who I considered as my family,  my African colleagues, the entertainment and the visitors. I always dreamt of traveling the continent to experience parts of the wonderful stories I was told, while I took the media’s narrative on Africa with a grain of salt.

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Romance, spirituality and adventure in GOA – part 1

                                                                                     Graphic Design: ArmiVonDesign

Still in the ecstasy of my future husband’s proposal, he surprised me with a one week trip to the intriguing and illustrious Goa. This famous coastal region in the south western part of India, is where unbeknown to my fiancé my parents enjoyed their honeymoon. Yet another sign from heaven, confirming our apparently predestined spiritual bond. We flew Kingfisher airlines from Pune to Goa and once we arrived checked into the gorgeous beach and riverside resort ‘The Leela’,  where he booked a fantastic ocean side suite in which I was bathed in luxurious decadence.

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Miss Ooh la la…

                                                        Photograph & Graphic Design: ArmiVonDesign


In passing the Miss Ooh Lala store with my 4 year old girl, my gut feeling guided me inside to check it out. I was greeted by the super friendly owner while being submerged in the intended Princess and Fairytale Party vibe. We were surrounded with pretty dresses, girly shoes, ‘ooh lala’ type bags and of course glittery tiaras, all explored meticulously by my girl’s big blue eyes which in the process started glittering themselves.

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Mahabaleshwar – An adventure to the Indian Grand Canyon


                                                             Written by Guest Contributor : Tazeen Syeda


I am a city crawler who loves Bangalore but every once in a while I need an escape to some simple adventurous place. This time I chose Pune and planned a visit to my Bff. On my 3rd day we decided to visit Elephant’s head point Mahabaleshwar and started the journey at 10:00am. (Suggestion: It’s better to start as early as 8:00 am) Mahabaleshwar is located in the Sahyadri mountain range and has an average elevation of 1353 meters.

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A Love Story -Pune, India – Part 1

A little story, explaining why Pune. For his work with a US based network security company, my husband than boyfriend was asked to help recruit and train a team of engineers in Pune for 6 months. Since we were still a fresh couple, who hooked up just a few months earlier, he was unaware of my personal history in that same city when I was very young when he broke the news to me. This major coincidence seemed like a divine sign assuring me, he and I were a match made in heaven, while exciting my butterflies of love yet again. It was of course both bitter and sweet, where I would have to miss my new boyfriend for many months while agreeing I would visit during his stay was the best thing to look forward to.

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