A Love Story -Pune, India – Part 1

A little story, explaining why Pune. For his work with a US based network security company, my husband than boyfriend was asked to help recruit and train a team of engineers in Pune for 6 months. Since we were still a fresh couple, who hooked up just a few months earlier, he was unaware of my personal history in that same city when I was very young when he broke the news to me. This major coincidence seemed like a divine sign assuring me, he and I were a match made in heaven, while exciting my butterflies of love yet again. It was of course both bitter and sweet, where I would have to miss my new boyfriend for many months while agreeing I would visit during his stay was the best thing to look forward to.

The stars aligned, rewarding me for fighting through the emotions of missing him for many months, when I was able to wrap my arms around and kiss him at Mumbai (aka Bombay) airport where our unforgettable India adventure started. The drive through this vibrant city and over a mountain range to Pune, while twilight set in and sitting next to him in the back of the cab was a fine intro. Arriving at the corporate apartment to settle in, notify family and friends of my safe arrival, I was welcomed with a nice Indian meal prepared by the coock. Afterward the tiredness from the long travel hit me but waking up next to him in this magical place filled me with excitement.

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This day, September 15th 2007, was the start of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. We headed downtown by rickshaw to take in the major festivities on the streets before my husband’s surprise dinner. After roaming the Pune streets, being submerged in its heart of many celebrating people with accompanying sounds and music, gazing at all the Hinduistic art work and relics, we returned to the apartment to fresh and dress up for the evening. Still in a daze and slightly jetlagged, I was taken to an amazing Indian-Persian fusion Jazz Cafe & Restaurant with a Cuban touch called the Shisha. Entering the establishment, the cafe area’s traditional Indo-Iranian decor filled me with a warm feeling of nostalgia. After a welcoming drink another wave of emotions hit entering the dining area complete with Iranian welcome chairs, marble-top tables, divans with Persian carpets and poshtis (backrests) while surrounded by an oasis of jungle greenery. I was however completely unprepared, surprised and emotionally overwhelmed with this evening’s moment suprême.


Having found a comfortable spot on a divan, there before me sat my boyfriend on one knee with a ring asking if I wanted to marry him while unexpectedly Ganesh Day fireworks erupted all around us. His proposal was like a dream to me and I of course said ‘YES’ while wiping away a tear of joy and embracing my fiance.

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‘To Be Continued’………

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